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D.J. in the Stasis chambers room on the Event Horizon

D.J. is a character from Event Horizon (1997) played by the English actor Jason Isaacs. He is a member of the Lewis and Clark crew during the search and rescue operation conducted aboard the Event Horizon.

Prior to the events of the film[]

Although not mentioned in the film, D.J.'s backstory involves a surgery that took place in his childhood which has gone wrong, explaining the scar seen on his body when he is barechested. The trauma resulted in his since-then biggest fear of being dissected alive.

Aboard the Event Horizon[]

During the crew's stay on the Event Horizon, D.J. apparently doesn't suffer from hallucination unlike his crewmates Miller, Peters and Weir although his actions during the conversation on the Bridge about the hallucinations, where he grabs Smith and points a medical knife at his neck, seem to show that he still was partly under the influence of the supernatural forces haunting the Event Horizon.