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The Lewis and Clark was a rescue vessel that was sent to investigate the mysterious reappearance of the Event Horizon in 2047.


The Lewis and Clark was a T-class rescue vessel named after the famous explorers Meriwether Lewis and William Clark. It was commanded by Captain Miller. The ship could hold up to nine people, each with their own stasis pod and storage locker. The ship's interior was centered around a large, open room consisting of the bridge, a briefing area, and several operating stations.

The crew of the Lewis and Clark consisted of seven individuals: Captain Miller; Lt. Starck, the executive officer; Lt. Cmdr. D. J, the medical officer; Lt. Peters, the medical technician; Lt. Cooper, the rescue technician; Lt. Smith, the pilot; and Ensign Justin, the engineering officer.

Mission to Locate the Event Horizon[]

The Lewis and Clark was dispatched to Neptune after the Event Horizon's mysterious reappearance above that planet. The seven crewmembers were joined by Dr. William Weir, the designer of the gravity drive systems on the Event Horizon. The Lewis and Clark traveled for approximately 2 months before reaching Neptune. It was ordered into low orbit by Miller when detected. The vessel almost crashed into the massive Event Horizon when it approached, as the sensors barely functioned in the chaotic atmosphere. The Lewis and Clark then docked with the Event Horizon after the run-in.

The Lewis and Clark was damaged by the shockwave resulting from Justin's entry into the Hellish dimension. Smith and Cooper attempted to repair the damage afterwards.

The Lewis and Clark was destroyed by Dr. Weir using the emergency explosives on the Event Horizon after he went insane. The explosion killed Smith, who was inside, and flung Cooper, who was on the hull, out into space.