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The Event Horizon

The Event Horizon is the experimental starship which was fitted with Dr Weir's Gravity Drive. The ship and its crew mysteriously vanished without a trace after activating the drive to travel to Proxima Centauri, but inexplicably reappeared 7 years later. The ship's whereabouts are currently unknown.

The Ship[]

The ship itself is a massive structure which could possibly be the size of a small town. At its core lies the gravity drive which allows the ship to travel terrific distances in moments by recreating a black hole inside the ship to go through and reappear elsewhere. The ship (and the gravity drive) were designed by Dr Weir and was built to not only be able to travel vast distances and sustain a whole crew, but also included a "lifeboat" system in which in the event of an emergency a series of explosives could be set off and the cockpit section of the ship could be seperated and opperated on its own as a temporary starship.


  • First Containment - allows the personnel to enter the second containment without compromising the magnetic fields (according to Dr. Weir)
  • Second Containment - contains the core (gravity drive)


  • The Event Horizon looks like a cross when seen from below or above.