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Justin is the youngest member of Lewis and Clark crew and is 1 of the 3 survivors- even if he was unconscious for most of the torture.

The movie[]

Justin is a rather immature but smart young lad. He's very close to Cooper and Peters, Cooper like a best friend and Peters as a motherly figure.

When exploring the Event Horizon, he is sucked into the Gravity Drive and comes out extremely traumatized. Hallucinating, shocked and having seizures. To try and fix this, he attempts to kill himself by throwing himself out of an airlock under command of the Event Horizon, later waking from his trance and being thrown out into space, but is saved by Miller. He is then put in stasis for the rest of the movie and is one of the 3 survivors of the disaster


- his age is likely between 18-22

- His nickname by the crew is Baby Bear

- It unknown if he was ok after making it back to earth.